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Name: Reggie Lawrence, CEO

Corp Position: CEO

Responsibilities: Daily Operations, Mangagement of field employees. Sales

Phone: 432-580-7332


* Born and raised in Odessa and a 1990 graduate of Permian High School

* Married 26 years

* In 2008, Winch & Wrench, Inc. was born. 

Garnishing enthusiasm and creating teamwork for a company to grow is essential to the health of the company and its greatest asset - Employees.

Management’s crux is learning to use our words as an effective, efficient, and propulsionary tool to advance toward a clear objective.   We could not have achieved the things we have, and remit the will to drive forward without the Lord, and the arduous support of close emotional and financial relationships.  All - are my friends.  Our friends on which we consistently rely, help us create objectives and bring success to reality, forge understanding, and indelibly anchor our humility in knowing that our success is ultimately not our own.  I learn daily, and pray it carries on.

Name: Krystal Moore

Corp Position: Secretary / All Accounts Management

Responsibilities: Management of all receivables and payables accounts. Employees & Human Resources.  

Phone: 432-580-7332

* Born and raised in Odessa, Tx.

* Married 25 years.






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