Our Services: Reliable and Individual

Winch & Wrench, Inc. offers professional and reliable services in the oil field, tailored to suit your individual situation is a given. We offer in-depth consultations to understand your goals and current situation and craft a long-term solution that is right for you.

Our services in overview

  • Nipple Up  - is the installation and hydraulic torque wrenching of the blow out preventer (BOP), flow lines, & choke manifolds. We go beyond many other competitors in having accurate, knowledgeable & expedient B.O.P.E. nipple up installation.  While working on a drilling rig, it is no secret that time equals money.  Hiring an experienced nipple up crew can save hours of rig time for the operator and help ensure the rig manager or company man that the BOP stack being used is installed correctly.  Understanding of flange data, ring data, accurate 2 holing methods, blow out preventer heights, & pressure data is a must.  We perform the entire job from snubbing wellheads/valves in and out to measuring spools and overall stack height to head off any unforeseen problems.

  • Hydraulic BOP Winches - Floor Lifts - When BOP lifts are not used during a nipple up, the process becomes increasingly dangerous, problematic and complicated.  Among many other steps, the rig must use a pickup line draped through the blocks, connected to the BOP and operated by the driller on the floor running the blocks.  Moving the stack in this manner is extremely dangerous. The driller had no visual contact with the stack or those under the rig floor near the BOP in the cellar. Often, raising or lowering in large jerky movements that create enormous potential for someone to be pinched and suffer appendage loss or worse is encountered. 



  • Pressure Testing - We specialize in independent third party blow out preventer BOP testing.  Once the stack and flow lines are installed and torqued, we hook up our 20,000 psi test pump and individually perform a systematic low and high pressure test of each valve in the entire blow out preventer system. We provide the wellhead plugs, test subs, and all tooljoints necessary. For a complete list of blowout preventer testing procedures and pricing, please feel free to contact us on our contact page!



  • Gin Pole Trucks - From snubbing stacks to raising or lowering separators, our experience in handing these types of jobs are important when counting on safety. 


We would be happy to provide you with details about our services. Contact us at +1 432 5807332 or use our contact form.